[Video Interview] The Future of Wellbeing in Events

Join this interview where Aoife #talkswithjane about the future of future of wellbeing in events, with the term “wellbeing” discussed in various meanings from personal health to the survival of the industry and sustainability in our business conducts.

  • Aoife Delaney, President Elect, site
  • Jane Cunningham, Managing Director, Cunningham Consulting AB, Director, Community Engagement, BestCities Global Alliance

Key takeaways:

  • While we are embracing the digital aspects of connection, it is essential for meetings and events to be in person in the future.
  • Incentive travel would be back again as we emerge from the pandemic, and FIT incentive programmes with more domestic travel and local options would be one of the trends.
  • As health and safety is on the mind of everyone, meetings and events planners would need to incorporate wellness in the programme in a more meaningful and engaging way. Our understanding of wellness needs to go beyond just a morning yoga session; it starts from the moment people get on the plane to checking into a hotel and attending the events. We need to take care of the delegates’ entire journeys.
  • At the same time, as we organise the activities around meetings and events, we have to take into account the wellbeing of the local community. All of us industry professionals in travel – be it hotels, cruise lines, DMCs, restaurants, local venues, etc. – are making a living of a destination. We need to think of how we can give back to the destination in a more sustainable way.

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