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ITB India is where you establish high-quality customer contacts, conduct businesses, and meet top international buyers from MICE, Leisure, Corporate and Travel Technology sectors.  


Join us to leverage on ITB India to capture the fast-growing Indian and South Asian travel markets! 



ITB India is where you establish high-quality customer contacts, conduct businesses, and meet top international buyers from MICE, Leisure, Corporate and Travel Technology sectors.  

Join us to leverage on ITB India to capture the fast-growing Indian and South Asian travel markets! 

Conference & Exhibition:
26 – 28 April 2023, held in Mumbai, India

ITB India is an annually held B2B trade show and convention for the travel industry. It is designed to be the primary event that connects you to the Indian Travel Market.

ITB India 2023 will be an in-person event held in Mumbai, India from 26 – 28 April 2023. Featuring MICE Show India and Travel Tech India and covering key verticals in the travel industry including Leisure, MICE, Corporate, and Travel Technology.

Join us at ITB India to capture the fast-growing Indian and South Asian markets! Click to download the Event At a Glance!

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Great platform to gain knowledge & get connected with prospective future business collaborators.

— Buyer, ITB India 2022 Virtual 



I was highly impressed about how desirable to trade visitors and buyers were. Honestly I did not quiet anticipated such a high demand

Exhibitor, ITB India 2021 Virtual 



I think that India is a fantastic market and this event allows to approach it very easily

Exhibitor, ITB India 2021 Virtual 



The clients were well selected and it was clear who was doing what. We were sure to have the right target with us

Exhibitor, ITB India 2021 Virtual 



Very useful for the business. Useful partners, useful conference agenda. Great virtual organization.

Trade Visitor, ITB India 2021 Virtual 



ITB actually goes deep in what Buyers are looking for and they provide rightful Sellers to connect thereby saving time and doing best possible.

— Buyer, ITB India 2021 Virtual 



I would rate ITB as one of the best Agency to collaborate the right connections after understanding the need of the Buyer – that is what is missing with other few Events.

— Buyer, ITB India 2021 Virtual 



Past Featured Sessions

C-Suite Talk: What Will Be Key to Travel the World Again?

Get to the heart of today’s complex travel issues with the expertise and vision that only industry leaders can provide. Join us for this session where John outlines what it takes to succeed, and how travel companies are planning to keep succeeding as the industry continues to move forward. Find out his thoughts on what the major game changers will be, how industry players are continuing to innovate the business models to remain competitive and their plans for the future of the travel industry.

The Road to Sustainable Travel

This session explores different approaches and solutions that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments.

C-Suite Talk: Pivot! New Challenges Bring New Opportunities

As we recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s really important that the travel industry focuses on making customers feel safe when they book a trip away. Customer service has never been more vital, and providers that work to restore confidence in the travel experience will be rewarded with customer bookings.

C-Suite Talk: Reconnecting Travel Back into the World

The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have paved the way for remarkable moments of resilience, new business models, and ingenuity across travel sectors. Now, as the next era of travel begins to take shape, leaders in tours, activities and experiences are redefining their strategies and services in new and meaningful ways.

C-Suite Talk: Driving India’s Next Tourism Revolution

As hoteliers welcome back guests and look for ways to accelerate recovery, they are facing the pressing questions of the day: What is the most-effective way to meet guests’ new expectations? How can we increase non-room revenue? How to deal with the growing labor shortage?  Read more..

C-Suite Talk: Youth Travel: Trends and Opportunities for Growth

Young travellers keep the connection alive with their desire for shared experiences, storytelling and wanderlusting over when they can travel again.

Now that international travel is slowly getting back on track, with more and more countries opening their borders to vaccinated travelers, how does 2022 look like for gen Z and millennials looking to fulfil their wanderlust dreams?

C-Suite Talk: The Revival of Aviation Post COVID

At a time when the travel industry is searching for up-to-the-minute market insights, we gather some of the most influential leaders across the globe to hear their views and action plans for recovery. Join us in this session as we catch up with Aloke Singh for his thought leadership on rebooting India’s air travel.

Who will Disrupt Corporate Travel?

The real demand for today’s business travellers is the access and ability to find accurate information. Clients need to know what the requirements are for the trips to given destinations and what support services are available, and all of that information is changing on a daily basis. This session highlights how.. Read more..

Business Considerations & Trends 2022

As we re-imagine the future of MICE and explore various ways to conduct meetings and events, several trends are expected to lead the way through recovery and beyond.

Hotel Leader’s Talk: Leisure Hospitality Trends to Watch

As the virus subsides, the hospitality industry is hoping for some normalcy. Discuss how hotels forge their own paths through the chaotic landscape.

The ITB India 2022 Virtual sessions are available on-demand until 6 May 2022.
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Conference & Exhibition:
26 – 28 April 2023, 10:00 – 18:00
Held in Mumbai, India

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